Raging Pheonix (Eng Hardsub)

Wow...Citer Aksi tomoi dr Thailand...Heroin plak tu...Sinopsis dan Trailer kat bawah ni...

Deu (JeeJa Yanin), a girl with equally high degree of recklessness and beauty has never experienced 'true love'. One day her life changes completely when some gangsters try to kidnap her and she narrowly escapes with the help of Sanim, a sad looking stranger with a painful past. Waking up in an abandoned factory, she joins his gang of merry do-gooders who practice a form of drunken Thai break-dancing martial arts that they dub Meyraiyuth. Sanim and his friends, having had loved ones abducted, have joined together to break the gang of kidnappers.


Minta maaf la klu link2 ty ada error, maybe busy sebab ramai dop menyedut...ok...layannnn...opss, lupa nak gitau nak gabung movie ni pakai HJsplit

Thanks to real uploader--amyputra@gempak.org

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